Janet Jackson



May I introduce you to a dear friend of mine, Michelle. Living through abuse,
divorce, battling breast cancer, not once but twice, and conceiving and opening
her own school, Michelle is a testimony to the power of determination
in life – that the tragedy of failure or stress is not the falling down but the
“staying down”. In addition to her many other talents and accomplishments
Michelle is indeed a dancer, and I see this as a perfect visual analogy for the
life she has so far lived. How many wrong steps, falls, aching muscles,
bandaged toes are suffered before the ballerina presents the success of the
seemingly effortless and beautiful loveliness of her dance? True art lies in a
reality that is felt, and I hope that this image conveys a ‘knowing’ of this
woman to you the viewer… an understanding of her determination.

24" x 48"


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