Janet Jackson



It seems as though creating art has always been a part of how I am built…how I see the world…how I live my life.  As a child I became aware that I saw things differently.  A pure lack of self-esteem kept me from actually embracing an art related career path, but creating did become a definite part of my every day walk.  An interest in painting and a fluke encounter ultimately led to the creation of I Still Believe, a decorative painting and design studio, which I operated for 18 years.  This ultimately led to marketing items at both the Chicago and Atlanta Markets which subsequently took some of my items around the world.

Through my association with a well-known Peoria artist I was encouraged to try fine art painting.  I chose to paint people, focusing particularly on the face and hands which, to me, are the two most defining means of human expression.  When I paint someone my goal is to not merely capture their physical likeness but, in addition, something of “who” they are.  The look in their eye, the gesture of their hands, as well as a carefully thought out composition will give insight as to who this person was, not merely what they looked like.  When someone views my work 100 years from now they will have a “peek” into the heart of that person, their passion… a bit of their story, how they lived their life, met their challenges.  I believe that true art lies in a reality that is felt.